Institut Polytechnique de Paris
Total students 5,930
International students 2,417
Total faculty staff 1,148
Year of foundation 1 June 2019
Telephone +33 1 69 33 33 33
Address 5 Av. Le Chatelier 2ème étage, 91764 Palaiseau, France


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About the Institut Polytechnique de Paris

The Institut Polytechnique de Paris (IP Paris) is a public research-intensive higher education institution located in the Paris metropolitan area, France. It was founded in 2019 and brings together five prestigious engineering and business schools: École Polytechnique, ENSTA Paris, Télécom Paris, Télécom SudParis, and ENSAE Paris.

The institute offers a wide range of undergraduate and graduate programs in engineering, computer science, mathematics, physics, economics, and social sciences. IP Paris also conducts cutting-edge research in various fields such as artificial intelligence, cybersecurity, data science, energy, environment, and health.

IP Paris has a strong commitment to innovation, entrepreneurship, and internationalization. It provides its students with numerous opportunities to participate in research projects, internships, and international exchange programs. IP Paris also collaborates with industry partners and startups to foster innovation and transfer knowledge to society.

Overall, the Institut Polytechnique de Paris is a leading academic institution that combines excellence in education, research, and innovation, with a focus on addressing the world's most pressing challenges.