The University of Melbourne
Total students 48,157
International students 22,559
Total faculty staff 3,668
Year of foundation 1853
Telephone +61 3 9035 5511
Address The University of Melbourne, Victoria 3010 Australia

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About The University of Melbourne

The University of Melbourne is a public research university located in Melbourne, Australia. It was founded in 1853 and is the second oldest university in Australia. The university is consistently ranked as one of the top universities in Australia and the world.

The University of Melbourne has a diverse student body, with over 50,000 students enrolled in undergraduate, graduate, and professional programs. The university offers a wide range of programs across multiple faculties, including Arts, Business and Economics, Education, Engineering, Law, Medicine, Dentistry and Health Sciences, Science, and Veterinary and Agricultural Sciences.

The university has a strong research focus and is home to many research institutes and centers, including the Melbourne Institute of Applied Economic and Social Research, the Melbourne School of Engineering, the Melbourne School of Health Sciences, and the Melbourne Law School. The university also has a number of research partnerships with other institutions and organizations around the world.

The campus of the University of Melbourne is located in Parkville, a suburb of Melbourne. It is a large campus that spans over 70 hectares and features a mix of historic and modern buildings, open green spaces, and cultural and recreational facilities.

Overall, the University of Melbourne is a highly respected institution that offers students a world-class education and a wide range of opportunities for research and personal growth.